About Me

I'm a gal living in Southern Indiana with my husband, Aaron, and two boys, Landon and Liam.  If you haven't noticed already, our boys are the main topic of this blog and the reason why I started the blog.  Living in a house full of testosterone is never an easy thing (our dog is male, too), but being the only girl in the house is special.  I love being spoiled as much as I love digitally documenting our memorable moments as a family.

The title "The La La Land Adventures" came from our names, and of course, our life being one big adventure.  Boy, has it ever!  We have two L's and two A's (hence la la), and Lord knows I am a complete scatter brain and forget things all the time as I've aged.  I do find myself in "la la land" here and there, wondering where I am half the time or how the keys ended up in the fridge.  It just fit.

Aside from being a mom and wife, I am a photographer.  I absolutely love what I do and I really enjoy spending time with my clients and learning from other photogs.  I never look at anyone as competition.  I'm pretty secure at this stage in my profession.  I feel we all have so much in common and can learn a lot from one another by sharing tips and tricks and even a few creative ideas.  I also feel that photography tells a lot about a person and believe that a photograph is our personal fingerprint of how we see the world.

My family is everything to me.   Landon is very bright and super funny and Liam is full of curiosity and spunk.  They are your typical siblings.  One minute they're fine and the next they can't stand to be in the same room.  It's challenging sometimes.  Aaron is a workaholic.  He's hardly ever home, which is why a majority of the pictures exclude him. But, every now and then he will grace us with his presence and we love every minute of the time we do get with him.

Liam has ASD, ADHD, and an Emotional Disorder.  We have been searching for answers for most of his life. We finally got them during the fall of 2014.  The question mark hanging over his little head and the "I don't knows" finally disappeared.  He is doing great with the help of doctors, therapists, school staff and medication.  We are very proud of him and how far he has come in such a short amount of time. We can't wait to see what he does or where he goes next!