Jul 4, 2017

The Builder Of Planes

Liam gets quite a bit between Christmas and birthdays.  Sometimes things get put aside for a long time and then somehow they magically appear.  Well, this little building kit did just that.  Poof!  Liam brought the kit to me and asked if he could get it out of the box.  He also asked for some assistance.  We took the pieces out and began to read the directions.  Around this time Landon joined in and participated.  He read the directions and helped put the pieces together nicely on the floor.  It was great seeing the boys work together, but then Liam lost his mind (he was tired) and the project got put on hold for another time.  Oh well, it was cute while it lasted.

You'll have to excuse Landon's hat (you will see it often).  I think he's going through an Indiana Jones/Crocodile Dundee phase.  Who knows.

And then later we had a storm.  These suckers are really difficult to catch!

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