Jul 19, 2017

Little Drivers

Liam, Madison and Cali were rocking the battery operated vehicles.  I sat and watched while they made their laps around the yard a thousand times.  During the ride, each one would hop out so another could hop in and then drive off at a speed that a Nascar driver would be jealous of.  They weren't wasting any time, that's for sure.  Liam also made a new friend this week.  His name is Reed and he will also be in second grade.  Yay!  They get along great and that makes me happy!

When we lived at our old home (this is still weird to say), Landon had more friends his age.  Liam just had to tag along when they got together or he would just stay home.  Now it's the opposite.  Liam has more kids his age and Landon has a select few that he hasn't met yet.  The girls and I have talked about getting our older kids together (some play soccer too) so they can finally meet.  Once that happens, it will be golden!  I can't wait for them to make even more friends in school.  Our neighborhood Ice Cream Social is coming up so maybe that could be a good opportunity?  We shall see.

The chairs and flags were from the night before when our neighborhood had a big display of fireworks (and drinks).  Ha!

Madison and Cali are either in their pajamas or a princess/costume dress every time I see them.  It's their thing.

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