Jul 2, 2017

Liam's Photo Shoot: Finn and Ken

First, Liam and I ran up to the store to get a few odds and ends when he noticed a Finn doll from the movie, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens".  He swiped him up and convinced me that he had to have it.  Being a mom is so tough sometimes.  Those sweet faces...ugh.  So, I caved.  Leaving the store, I felt like I had just ended world hunger.  

When we got home, Liam had to rush downstairs and show his grandma what he got.  My mom suddenly remembered that my sister had brought over one of my old Ken dolls that got stuck in a box.  When Liam saw it, he gasped in shock that grandma had another doll that was the same size as Finn.  He asked to play with it, but when I turned around, I noticed he was naked.  I asked Liam, "Where did Ken's clothes go"?  He casually replied, "He doesn't like clothes.  He wants to be naked."  My mom and I looked at each other and giggled.  

Liam requested that I take pictures of his new dolls and some of him with them - a photo shoot, if you will.  I died inside from the hilarity, but maybe cried a little too.  It was the cutest thing knowing that my son wanted his photographer mom to arrange a photo shoot for his "babies."  I couldn't resist looking like a complete fool in front of my new neighbors.  I mean, taking pictures of Barbie dolls in the public eye really isn't all that common, ya know, and maybe a tad bit strange.  We had fun and Liam was a very satisfied customer!  Oh, and I told Liam that if we were going to photograph Ken, he HAD to have his clothes on.  Speaking of weird...

Liam didn't like the way Ken's head was positioned so he fixed him.  "No, Ken, you have to look at the camera."

But then Finn looked like he was rolling his eyes at me at times.  "Whatever, man.  Are we done yet?"  I was starting to think he wasn't as enthusiastic as Liam or Ken.

One little happy family!

Then there were some silly moments.  Aren't there always?

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