Jun 2, 2017

New Swing Set

Well, new-to-us swing set.  That was negotiated in our contract when we bought the house.  We wanted something familiar from our old home that Liam could have to make the transition a little easier.  It's missing the top tarp, but we plan to buy one when we get time and find one to fit.  Liam doesn't seem to mind, though.  It still does its job.  He loves the swing set.  I knew he would.  He goes downstairs with his phone in hand, and maybe a toy of his, and listens to music while he swings.  It's actually quite adorable.  I'll catch him singing along to his favorite tunes, and dancing when he's on the platform.  My mom gets a real kick out of watching him.  He is having a ball here and that makes me happy!

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