Jun 2, 2017

New City, New Neighborhood, New Friends

It all started with going outside to play with a tube of bubbles Liam's teacher had given him on the last day of school.  He came home and put them aside, but woke up the next day, the official first day of summer break, to play with them.  While he was outside, our neighbor and her two little girls were putting up a bouncy house.  Liam stood there watching what they were doing.  Then, one of the little girls asked if Liam could come over and play with them.  Liam's eyes got super big and begged me to go.  The next thing I knew he came out in swim trunks.  I laughed and the neighbor laughed.  He was ready and, of course, I couldn't say no.  I told him to be careful and to behave and off he went.  They played for awhile until the girls had to go in to finish packing for their Disney trip.  They all had so much fun together!

You'll have to excuse our dull landscaping.  We haven't gotten around to that yet.

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