Jun 20, 2017

Kentucky Down Under

Oh my goodness, this place is great!  We checked in and grabbed our map.  We had to climb a steep hill to get to our cave tour that was about to start.  When we got to the top, I saw a guy sitting in a golf cart waiting for some people and then I saw other golf carts sitting off to the side of the pathways.  I asked, "Can we rent these carts?"  He said yes and told us how to do so and what the costs were for each size.  I found Aaron and told him about the rentals.  After me having surgery and not being familiar with the park, we decided it would be a good idea.  Best money we ever spent!!  And, it was fun to drive a golf cart around the zoo!

First up, we scheduled a tour of the Mammoth Onyx Cave.  I love caves, but once you've seen one, you've pretty much seen them all.  Pretty neat history how it was discovered, though.

On to the park...

Who knew that birds could roll around like dogs, too.


Wool shed.

The view was spectacular!

My camera wasn't crooked, the road was.  Ha ha!

This was probably our favorite stop of the day.  Ironically, it was our last stop.  We got to play with kangaroos and wallabies, emus, peacocks, and tortoises.  There was another animal amongst the group, but I didn't catch its name (it looked half deer and half rabbit...very weird).  The albino wallabies couldn't be touched because they were new to the establishment and very scared.  This one in particular had a few run ins with other wallabies and a couple of fences.

This made me smile.  The little joeys were so precious.

Apparently they roll around in the grass like dogs as well.

No zoom lens.  This is how close I was to them, if not closer.  Incredible!

As you can see, they didn't mind the company.

He smiled for the camera.  Ha ha!

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