Jun 18, 2017

House Of Boom: Father's Day Fun

House of Boom is a lot like Sky Zone, only it has obstacle courses as well.  I liked it much better comparing the two places.  It took a few minutes for Landon to get warmed up, but once he did, there was no stopping that child.  Liam immediately took to the trampolines and bounced all over the building, and then ran from one station to the next and then back again.  They were a sweaty mess by the end of our stay.  Aaron had a blast himself.  He jumped right in there and hung with the boys for quite some time.  I'd say all of my boys had a fantastic time doing what boys do best.  Happy Father's Day, Aaron!

After we left there, we headed out to visit Aaron's parents for a short while.  We were all exhausted and Liam was at his wit's end, so we headed on home.  Overall, it was a very nice Father's Day!

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