Jun 10, 2017

GE Park

We had to get out after being cooped up for what seemed like an eternity.  We moved, then slowly unpacked, cleaned, worked, unpacked some more, attended practices and games, worked, cleaned, ran errands, unpacked again, cleaned, made two hospital trips, one blood transfusion, and a surgery on June 5th (two overnight stays) and now I am recovering.  You see, there wasn't much time for socializing, going out with Aaron, or taking the kids some place.  I felt bad that the kids hadn't gone anywhere since they got out of school for summer break.  So, we went to a local park and let the boys play for awhile.  I didn't do much but sit around and take it easy since I was still recovering.  I just took pictures, as usual.  When I start feeling better, I'll be getting out more with the kids and fitting in some fun activities before I blink my eyes and they're back in school!

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