Jun 25, 2017

Cave Country Canoes

After taking the 14 mile canoeing trip with a group back in 2012, we knew we wanted to take the kids with us sometime.  Well, five long years later, here we are!  The first time we went in the spring when the river was about three and a half feet deep.  We joked that we could have easily walked our canoes along the river.  We scraped huge rocks against the bottom of our canoes.  It was fun, but challenging and very physical.  I don't know what we were thinking taking a 14 mile long trip the first time out.

This time we did the seven mile trip and the water was 6-7 feet deep.  SO much smoother and easier on the arm muscles.  We made sure we checked the water level before reserving a spot.  You live and learn.  We took a bus out to the loading area (a 10-15 minute ride), then loaded into our canoes from a man-made concrete landing that was built on an eight to 10 foot cliff.  It was a beautiful day for canoeing.  We had the best time!  The great part about it was we weren't super sore, or sore at all, from the trip.  Last time we could barely move!  I'm so glad the boys were able to experience the outdoors this way!

We saw some people swinging from a rope swing.  Everyone stopped to watch, including us.

The end of our trip is here!

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