Jun 12, 2017

Busy Bee

The same day as Liam decides to use his ginormous pencil, he made his way downstairs to use our left-over boxes to build a fort for himself.  He asked Landon to help put the roof on, which he did.  He was a very busy little bee.  I could see his brain working overtime, trying to figure out what size boxes to put where.  He is autistic, so sequence, size, shape, and color is a thing for him while patience is a thing for the rest of us.  He is so precious.  My mom raves about how sweet he is.  He really is a sweetheart and I love that boy to pieces.

Liam finally got his boxes positioned the way he wanted them.  Now it's time for the roof to be placed.

Later that night, the boys took down the fort and moved it to the other side of the basement.  The boys asked if they could sleep in the fort.  I didn't see a problem with it, but they didn't last long.  I found them in their beds the next morning.  I asked what happened and they both said that the floor was too hard.  So I guess we may have to invest in some sleeping bags, or at least something more comfortable to sleep on.  Poor kids.

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