May 24, 2017

Pack and Play

It was that time.  We had to pack up our entire house to get ready for the big move.  With packing comes exhaustion.  It was tough getting through each day knowing we had so much to do.  There were some days we would take breaks to do an activity or two with the kids.  It's challenging trying to juggle kids, a move, sleep, work, sports, etc.  Somehow we managed to pull through it all.  This is one of those times Aaron and I took a break from packing the house to play with Liam.  He spotted his dad's old toy in the garage and pulled it out again.  I think he was afraid that we were going to get rid of the toy garage since he watched us de-stash a lot of our stuff.  Aaron was present this time.

Then he found other things of interest.  Like comparing sizes of objects.

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