May 30, 2017

A Memorial Day Weekend Celebration, Of Sorts

Memorial Day is kind of a weird one for me.  It's the day we remember our fallen soldiers.  Celebrating death is not really what I am into.  Celebrating life is more my taste.  So, that's how I have to look at it.  I had to explain to Liam what the difference was in the military holidays.  Apparently a lot of people get them confused or don't know what they represent.  Anyway, we celebrated on Monday.  We cooked out and Liam played around the yard.  He loved picking pine cones that had fallen from our trees.  We put them in a bowl that sat on one of our shelves in the living room.  Liam told me, "They look beautiful, mom."

Liam found our neighbor's little girl's old toy.

And then, of course, Landon was inside on his phone.  Hey, at least he smiled, right?

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