Mar 31, 2017

Annnnnnnd, We're Back!

Another installment of manly ruggedness.  This year is different.  Landon came to me and told me he wanted to focus on soccer only going forward.  I remember checking the ages out on the organization's website for signups and saw that he had played the last year they had available.  So, the following year (last year) he wasn't able to play.  We let it go and planned for him to go out for Spring soccer at school.  I inquired about try-out dates when I contacted the office and they directed me back to the organization's website.  Here is where I became really confused.  I explained what had happened in the past, but apparently they offer soccer for older kids now.  This made me jump out of my seat I was so happy.  I knew Landon was going to be really excited...and he was.  We immediately signed him up.  Well, since we weren't sure about soccer this year, we signed him up for baseball first.  We tried to get our money back but the league said it was too late (teams are picked, uniforms ordered, etc.).  Now he is playing baseball and soccer this Spring.  Oh, dear.  Talk about a busy season of sports.  I have already talked to the baseball coach about what had happened and how we could possibly run into some scheduling conflicts, but he was very understanding and told me it was perfectly okay.  Phew!  This is Landon's first year in the junior league.  While looking around at practice I noticed that Landon is the tallest on his team (the ones there that night).  Some kids were taller than him last year, but it seems like he grew overnight!  Makes me feel really old because he looks older than 13!  He is being a good sport about all of the scheduling, ya know, the playing two sports thing, and he said he really likes his new team - making new friends and getting to be with old friends/teammates.  Suddenly I feel better about the whole situation.

This was Landon's first baseball practice of the season.  Go, Cubs!

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