Mar 31, 2017

Annnnnnnd, We're Back!

Another installment of manly ruggedness.  This year is different.  Landon came to me and told me he wanted to focus on soccer only going forward.  I remember checking the ages out on the organization's website for signups and saw that he had played the last year they had available.  So, the following year (last year) he wasn't able to play.  We let it go and planned for him to go out for Spring soccer at school.  I inquired about try-out dates when I contacted the office and they directed me back to the organization's website.  Here is where I became really confused.  I explained what had happened in the past, but apparently they offer soccer for older kids now.  This made me jump out of my seat I was so happy.  I knew Landon was going to be really excited...and he was.  We immediately signed him up.  Well, since we weren't sure about soccer this year, we signed him up for baseball first.  We tried to get our money back but the league said it was too late (teams are picked, uniforms ordered, etc.).  Now he is playing baseball and soccer this Spring.  Oh, dear.  Talk about a busy season of sports.  I have already talked to the baseball coach about what had happened and how we could possibly run into some scheduling conflicts, but he was very understanding and told me it was perfectly okay.  Phew!  This is Landon's first year in the junior league.  While looking around at practice I noticed that Landon is the tallest on his team (the ones there that night).  Some kids were taller than him last year, but it seems like he grew overnight!  Makes me feel really old because he looks older than 13!  He is being a good sport about all of the scheduling, ya know, the playing two sports thing, and he said he really likes his new team - making new friends and getting to be with old friends/teammates.  Suddenly I feel better about the whole situation.

This was Landon's first baseball practice of the season.  Go, Cubs!

Mar 28, 2017

Getting Out and About

My kids love parks.  They love getting out and stretching their winter legs as soon as Mother Nature gets her act together and makes it warm enough to enjoy the outdoors.  Landon is at that age where playing sports with "the guys" is exciting enough to break him from his "homebody" side.  I love watching them.  It's one of my favorite things to do.  I know one day this will all be a thing of the past when Landon and Liam leave the nest and Aaron and I will be too old to do these sort of activities.

Oh, and in other news.  Spring Break for us has been very hectic.  We were going to go out of town for my 40th birthday coming up, but we decided to put that on hold since we're in the process of moving.  Hey, it's just a number and it's really no big deal to me.  We're getting a new house!  We need this sooooo bad.  We're a little crowded...okay, correction, we're way too crowded now that my mom is living with us.  We desperately need more space to move around, and moving to an awesome school district makes this mama over-the-moon happy.  So, happy 40th to me!!!

Someone didn't want to leave.

I'm not sure what's going on here, but I thought it was hilarious.  All I could think of was the seagull scene in Finding Nemo, "Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine."

Those long skinny legs!

Mar 19, 2017

Life and People

This subject has been bothering me for as long as I can remember.  There comes a point in someone's life where negativity and rude, nosy people are not welcome.  It's sad to think that it could come down to cutting people out of our lives because of how they treat Aaron or us.  I feel awful for my husband.  I've watched him get beat down and judged too many times to mention over the years and then I have to put the pieces back together again.  It's a shame that a person makes a bad choice or a mistake (or Heaven forbid a few) and they have to relive said mistake(s) for the rest of their lives.  My husband can't make a move in his life without being under a microscope, and with us being married, we both get it.  Somehow we're both irresponsible, incompetent people who can't seem to do anything right.  I am sick of it.  Aaron is really sick of it.  We're grown ups, we're married, end of story.

As an example, recently we have decided to get our house ready to put on the market.  We've had quite a few showings over the last few days, so we're hopeful that things will move along nicely for us.  We decided to upgrade to a bigger home.  Aaron and I have been planning to do this for a lot of years because of the kids and needing more space.  Well, fate stepped in and we added another family member to our brood, my mom, so now we definitely have to move to a bigger place.  We're all under each other, and our teen is still bunking with his seven-year-old brother.  Yeah, it's time.  We're way overdue.  Of course, people have an opinion about our decision.  I just don't understand.  We keep to ourselves and don't tell people what we think they should do or make them feel bad about themselves.  In fact, we support people's decision-making and try to make them feel better about everything.  There was one time, as an example, Aaron's mom called him trying to get advice about what she should do about traveling to Colorado.  Aaron's dad was not happy about it - the flight, the money being spent, etc.  She called Aaron to talk about it and naturally he supported her.  He told her that you only live once so do what you want to do.  That's how it's done.  I would've been highly disappointed in Aaron if he told her not to go and gave her grief over it.  Honestly, that was really between her and Aaron's dad, not Aaron's place.  It had nothing to do with us, nor was it any of our business, but she called anyway.  Oh, and you don't ask people for personal, private financial information!  I was disgusted, disappointed, shocked, and very angry.  It's none of anyone's business!

Oddly enough, our business is apparently everyone's business.  We make a move (or a mistake) and it's all over town.  We're made out to be idiots or a charity case.  This is why I think Aaron is learning to keep things to himself.  I, personally, have never been made to feel like I am less.  Aaron feels this way, too.  I have seen him put his tail between his legs and lower his head in shame because of the backlash he gets.  Trust me when I say, this makes my job as his wife much more difficult.  I shouldn't have to build him back up because he should never be at that level to start with.

We have gotten backlash about our pregnancies, buying new furniture to replace our old, broken, outdated stuff, carpet, etc.  The comments were completely inappropriate and unwelcome.  It would just be nice for someone to be genuinely supportive, positive, and happy for all of us.

I think my husband is amazing - flaws, mistakes and all.  He has done so much for us and we love him so much!  He will never be less to us.  In fact, we are very proud of all that he does or has done.

That's all I have.  Rant over.