Jan 22, 2017

Pretend Play

Liam has really been coming into his own as he gets older.  He is so cute, and I love his imagination.  I was sitting with him while he played and listened to him talk his way through during play time.  That moment was absolutely heart-melting.  At one point, I put one of his men on top of the bus then he quickly grabbed him, and in a very serious voice said, "Mom, that's not safe."  He was genuinely concerned for his safety, which was great to see.  His pretend play was becoming reality.  He played hide and seek on the "playground" (the tower of gears), too.  I had such a good time sitting back and watching his little brain work.  I especially loved the "kids" lined up as they were being dropped off at school.  I thought that was hysterical.  Liam warms my heart every day.

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