Dec 28, 2016

Toys, Toys, and More Toys

Christmas is always a happy time, and a busy one at that.  Now I know why they give our kids two weeks for Christmas break.  They almost need three with all of the toys they receive.  Liam is ready to unwrap, untie, and cut everything.  Packaging for toys these days is very frustrating.  Sometimes I feel that we need to invest in a chainsaw to get them all open.

One day we went outside and took the foosball table out of the box to put together.  After the boys had their fun playing, we turned on Landon's drone.  That thing is tons of fun to fly.  We just have to be careful when it's windy.  Landon helped his brother fly it around the yard for a little while until the wind picked up.  Liam was having a blast!

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