Dec 27, 2016

Post-Christmas Play

I remember the days following Christmas when I was grade school age.  I was so excited to have time to play with my toys before heading back to school.  Liam is no different.  He quickly took his school bus outside, but he waited a little too long to do so because there was a storm coming our way.  By the time we got outside we heard a little thunder and then lightening started to strike, which scared both of us.  Liam has never been a big fan of loud noises so we had to hurry and move inside.  He was all of a sudden "dirty" and needed to get in the bath.  I knew where he was headed during that conversation.  He ran his bath water and grabbed his two titanic boats he got for Christmas.  He cracks me up!

Aaaaaaaand, he's out.  :)

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