Dec 27, 2016

Christmas Day

It all started with my seven-year-old on Christmas Eve.  We watched NORAD to track Santa's deliveries around the world.  Liam was glued to my computer for what seemed like hours, but in reality it was only about 30 minutes.  I would have video taped his excitement, but I was too into the moment to grab my camera or phone.  When Santa flew closer to the US, hitting the state of Maine at one point, I heard panic in his little voice as he rushed around the house collecting his blankets for bed.  His eyes were as big as silver dollars.  He was terrified he was going to miss him.  Then, Liam got back out of bed to take one more peek.  This time he saw Santa going south, away from our country.  I felt a feeling of relief and disappointment coming from Liam.  I think he wore himself out because he went back to bed anyway.

My kids were super excited this Christmas.  That says a lot for my teen.  He is usually sitting around like a bump on a log playing on some sort of electronic device.  Surprisingly, Landon was all about it.  We hit the stockings first, then moved on to the bigger gifts.  The boys got everything they asked for and then some.  I was very happy that they had a great Christmas.  Anymore, these two monkeys are really difficult to buy for since they never tell me what they want, or they just don't know.  We had a blast!

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