Dec 19, 2016

An Eventful Start of the Holidays

Oh gosh, where to begin.  I realized that I haven't posted a single thing since Halloween!  Very unlike me, by the way.  I try to keep up on happenings, whether there are pictures to share or not.  I have been so busy these last several weeks.  So much has happened.

My grandma passed away November 13th and then my mom went into the hospital days later - the day of the funeral, to be exact.  She had a heart attack and put on life support for several days.  Then they found pneumonia and a UTI during her stay.  I wasn't ready to lose someone else that I was extremely close to.  My grandma was like a second mother to me.  I thought the world of that woman.  Her death about killed me, but I knew I had to be strong for my mom.  After the funeral, my sisters and I went to the hospital to see her.  She didn't know we were there, but at least we got to talk to the staff to get some info and visit with her for a short time.  It was awful.  We were all still pretty tender and emotional from my grandmother's passing.  After all, we had just come from a funeral.  They moved her out of ICU and into her own room to recover from the trauma.  She was there for awhile until we got the call that she was to go to a nursing home for therapies.  That lasted about two weeks and then she was released.

My mom was having such a hard time facing the fact that my grandma was gone.  Years ago when my grandpa had passed, my grandma was going to be left all alone.  My mom stepped up and volunteered to stay with her to keep her company and take care of her.  What was supposed to be a temporary stay ended up being a fourteen year stay - fourteen looooong years.  They both aged, they both got sick.  It was like the blind leading the blind.  My sisters and I chipped in to help after awhile to make sure they were taken care of.  My aunt (my mom's only sibling), did the same.  She was there to take them to doctor appointments and fill their prescriptions or run to the grocery when needed.  We did laundry, cleaned, checked the mail, did yard work, and maybe a few other things.

When my grandma passed, and after my mom started getting better in the hospital, she mentioned not wanting to go back to the house.  She was still struggling with my grandma's death and felt there were too many memories that could possibly cause another episode.  So, what did I do?  I talked to Aaron about everything.  The next thing that happened?  She moved in with us!  I was nervous at first, because I had never taken care of a sickly adult, but it's been a blast, and I love having her close.  The boys are loving it, too!

We have taken the kids around town to see Christmas lights and visit Santa, wrapped the boys' gifts, made cookies, watched kiddie movies, cooked dinners, colored, and much more!  Now that the boys are home on Christmas break, I'm sure we will be doing a lot of fun activities.  Depending on how my mom feels, of course.

For now, I have pictures of the kids at Bass Pro and their Santa picture.

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