Oct 11, 2016

Getting Out of the House

I woke up around the time that Liam did.  He desperately wanted to go to a park.  I tried to wake up the other two to tell them that we were going to the park shortly and if they wanted to go that they better get up and get ready.  Landon said he didn't want to and Aaron seemed too out of it to get out of bed.  So, I got the two of us ready and headed out to Vissing (Liam's choice).  We stayed there for a little bit until we just couldn't take the heat anymore.

By the time we arrived back home, the other two boys were up and dressed and getting ready to leave.  I asked, "Where are you guys going?"  They replied, "To the park."  I just stood there in confusion with my head cocked to the side.  Apparently Landon wanted to go to the park to play basketball.  I was still pretty confused and asking myself why the sudden change.  Anyway, we ended up all going, but I told Aaron that Liam and I needed a little time to cool off because it was so hot.  They waited then we headed back to Vissing.  With a basketball in hand and ready to shoot some hoops, we noticed that the courts had been blocked off for some remodeling.  That stunk.  That's when we decided to find another basketball court close by.  Aaron and Landon played H-O-R-S-E and then played a little one-on-one before heading home.  We had fun, despite the killer heat.

These are all cell phone pictures.

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