Oct 11, 2016

Deja Vu and RAC Park

Sometimes I watch Liam and go back to a time that I was watching Landon play.  I experience Deja Vu a lot because of this.  A strange feeling comes over me when I am in those situations and think, I know I have been here before doing the exact same thing in this exact same spot saying the exact same things.  It's weird.  Like this moment, when Liam is throwing the ball in the air and bouncing it against the top of the garage.  And then me telling him not to throw things at the house.  Boom, it happens.  It hits me like a ton of bricks.  I have been here before, in this exact moment but at a different time.  It's like I am playing with Landon all over again.  It is sad and weird all at the same time.  These feelings could be rooting from Landon getting ready to hit the big 13 soon, too.  *sniff*

Liam has always been a fan of parks.  He's really getting into this one lately.  It could be the swinging boat or the fact that the surroundings are different.  Change is always good, I guess.  The more parks we go to, the more I notice that Liam is trying his hardest to make friends, despite his aggressive behavior.  I do like to see this side of him emerge more and more, but it's still a big challenge.  I also notice from time to time that it's hard for him to make friends.  I'm not sure if he catches the kids at the wrong time or if they're just not friendly.  He gets ignored.  But, regardless, it's all a learning experience.  This day, Liam couldn't find anyone to play with.  The kids that were there already had a group they were with (like groups of families), so they didn't seem too hip on letting outsiders into their circle.  Eventually two older girls befriended him for a short while.  One little girl helped him get on top of a piece of equipment that spun and they took turns swinging each other in the boat.  I was relieved that Liam had found someone to hang with, even if it was just for a short time.  Poor kid.  He still had fun, though.

This picture made me sad.  He had just asked a few kids if they would play with him.  He just stood by himself after they walked off without responding.

He was so happy!

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