Sep 10, 2016

Soccer, Maybe?

Every kid has their own thing that they really enjoy.  Some like baseball or football.  Some like wrestling or basketball.  Maybe it's something that doesn't have to do with sports at all.  I think Liam is favoring soccer.  I'm still unclear if it's because his brother played or perhaps he just likes kicking a ball around.  He will use his hands so we're still working on that.  I guess we will see how things go, and hopefully he will tell us when he is ready to expand his horizons.

Liam: "Mom, look at my balls!"
Me: [nervously turns around] "Umm, those are nice, Liam." [facepalm]
Liam: "Yeah, and they're big, too!" [dies laughing]

We took a break so I could cut Liam's hair and get him in the bath.  This is why his hair looks different and why he is wearing different clothes.

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