Sep 2, 2016

Preservation Station

I've always loved the catchy name of this place.  It's so fun to say.  This little gem sits quietly and peacefully in the middle of the hustle and bustle of our city.  I've been to Preservation Station numerous times, but I forgot if I took Liam there to see the red train car.  He still loves, loves, loves trains!  He's been getting a little too curious lately trying to open doors to everything he sees.  I guess the outside isn't satisfying enough for him anymore.  If there is a way to get in, trust me, he'll find it.  So far, he's had no luck getting inside, so I guess we will skip jail time another week.  Phew! *wiping forehead*

Liam told me he was a big and strong now because he was seven.  "I think you're pulling my leg, Liam."  We both chuckled.  

Let the monkey see, monkey do boy games begin.

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