Sep 7, 2016

Mount St. Francis

This place makes my heart go pitter patter.  The scenery is breathtaking!  I can't really gloat about the annoying bugs, though.  Every time I visit this place, it puts me at peace.  It's quiet, it's tranquil, and somehow brings you closer to the man upstairs.  I'm seriously thinking of taking the whole family there for a picnic sometime.  This trip, it was just me and the little guy.  Landon stayed home to finish up a project he had for homework.  I love that about him.  Priorities, people!

Liam and I finally got some "mommy and me" time that he craves.  He loved watching the fish and chasing frogs.  The kid was on cloud nine.  He had a lot of questions, though.  "What is that green stuff in the water?"  "Why do they have a fire pit?"  "Why is that man fishing? Where is he going?"  "What is this?" (asking about the metal ladder that was attached to the dock) "What's over there in the woods?"  "Why do they have boats here?"  The "what", "why", and "where" is a big thing right now.  It just went on and on during our visit.  I love my curious boy.  Isn't he the cutest?!

I love the stink eye.

Lily pads!!

Is planking still a thing?

Liam: "Mom, why is there a chain hanging up there?"  Me: [without pausing] "That's where they hang the bad kids."  Liam: [looks at me in disgust and confusion] "Are you just kidding?"  Just call me "Mom of the Year".  Bad mommy.

Oh, this kid...

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