Sep 6, 2016

Miss Maddie Makes an Appearance

I've missed my sweet girl.  It seems like forever since I had seen her.  She is growing up and changing so much already!  I love her smile.  I love her giggle.  I love that she is very ticklish.  I love how happy she is.  I just love her so much.  She is almost six months old now.  Not sitting up yet, but it won't be long before she will be hitting all of her milestones and cutting those first two teeth.  Despite the water being a little colder than expected, she loved every minute in the pool.  She would kick her little feet and make the water splash.  She is so content and good natured.  The boys liked having a baby around to snuggle with.  Landon, as always, had to get his hands on her.  At one point, he even sat her in his lap and watched cartoons together.  She loved that!

After the three of them left, Aaron looked at me and said, "That is by far the prettiest/cutest baby I have ever seen.  Babies are cute, yes, but some just aren't."  I agreed.  She is quite beautiful.  She has the perfect little eyes, head shape, skin, mouth, everything!  Amy got lucky, for sure!  I am so in love with Maddie.  We had the best time hanging out.  Oh, and I got Maddie her first swim suit and sun hat.  So cute!

Comparing feet.  I'd say Maddie has a lot more growing to do before she even comes close to catching up with Mr. Monster Feet.

Getting a deep breath before going under Amy's legs.

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