Sep 18, 2016

Family Time at the Park

Aaron and I took the kids out to eat and then to the park yesterday.  They needed to burn some extra energy they had tucked away before heading back to the house.  Since it had rained earlier in the day some of the slides were a little wet at the bottom.  Still didn't deter our seven-year-old from giving it a go.  His butt was soaked, which made him look like he had an accident.  Liam thought it was hysterical.  "Look, I peed out of my butt."  So funny.  I adore that child.  Aaron and I enjoyed planting our overgrown fannies in these little buckets that spun.  Oh, dear.  As I was getting the hang of it, Liam came over and started spinning me even faster.  This is where I started to turn green.  These are definitely not built for the older kids.  I didn't feel so bad, though.  Ya know, being an oldie.  Landon spun for awhile and then laid on the ground for a few minutes.  The next thing I noticed is that he was stumbling to the car.  I think his poor 12-year-old body had had enough of the spinning.  I don't blame him.  That can really ruin a person's day.  He took a rest and then he was fine.  A few minutes or so after that, we headed back home to recoup.  It was a fun, relaxing day with the boys.  We even had our first fire of the season.  I love those moments we get together.

Oh, these were all taken with my cell phone.

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