Sep 6, 2016

Cherokee Park

No, no Indians...well, except for us, maybe.  I've always loved this park.  I fell in love with it when I lived in the Highlands in Louisville, KY in my late teens.  My mom and I weren't getting along (ya know, that mom and teen daughter thing) so I moved out and got my own place, but still managed to cross the bridge every day to finish out high school in Clarksville, IN.  Don't ask how I did it, I just did.  This is such a gorgeous area.  When I lived there, they had the coolest stores!  Some aren't there anymore, like Ear X-tacy or Avalon (where they sold a variety of Doc Martens that I loved).

I took the boys back to a place we had been to before.  Cherokee Park is incredibly huge, so we just stuck to a smaller portion since it was blazing hot outside, and truthfully, I didn't feel like walking around the whole park.  Liam loves bridges and water.  This was a perfect spot for him!  He had his little toy truck in tow everywhere we went.  He wanted to play with it on one of the bridges, so he asked his brother if he could roll it back and forth with him.  Landon participated for a few minutes, but then he went back to being the quiet tween (yes, quiet, if you can believe that) and did his own thing.

Those long legs always keep Landon ahead of the group.

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