Sep 6, 2016

Brown Park

This is the third time visiting Brown Park (for me).  Before heading there, though, the boys and I had to grab a quick lunch before we all lost our minds.  It gave us time to cool off, too.  Upon arrival, Liam immediately spotted a play park.  What seven-year-old wouldn't, right?  I used it to my advantage to keep him on good behavior.  "If you behave for me, we will go there before we head home."  Liam quickly responded, "Okay, I will."  And he did.  I'm slowly learning his game.  Sometimes those things work, sometimes they don't.  When a mood hits, it hits hard, and there's no reasoning with him.  I got lucky.

We had been out for hours, so the boys were looking a little scruffy.

Another monkey see, monkey do moment.

If looks could kill...

This was nice to see.  Liam hates water.  Not to mention the fact that he used to never drink out of fountains.  He's all about it now! 

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