Aug 9, 2016

Whitehall Mansion: Louisville's Estate Gardens

This place is beyond gorgeous.  It's no shock to me that they have weddings here.  In fact, I was telling Aaron that this is where we would have gotten married had I known about it back then.  Maybe we can have a "pretend" wedding?  Absolutely breath-taking!  Recently I have been taking little trips around town to see some of our city's beauty and learn more about our history.  I have lived in this area since birth and can't begin to tell you how many wonderful treasures I have missed over the years.  I guess it's time to play catch up, eh?  This time the boys and I took dad.  He was pretty impressed himself.  Other than the fact that the bugs were on the prowl for some fresh meat.  Where there are an abundance of flowers you can bet those little suckers are waiting to make their move.  Regardless, we had fun exploring a new place.

Aaron and Liam (Elmer Fudd and Elmer Fudd, Jr.) sneaking up on a bunny rabbit.  Or is it "wabbit"? Ha!  "Be veeewy quiet."

Liam had to hold the flower, too.  We didn't pick it.  The boys found it on the ground, so someone else was the rebel. 

This area of the gardens reminded me of the movie, "Alice in Wonderland", where the roses were painted.  "Off with their heads!"

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