Aug 20, 2016

The Louisville Water Tower

Yet another place for the boys to explore.  On our way home from Papa John's Headquarters, we stopped at The Louisville Water Tower.  There's a lot of open space and I know they still had quite a bit of energy to burn.  All I did was follow them around and snap pictures.  Every so often I would hear, "Mom, take a picture of this, or that, or us, or me."  They did a majority of the work and magic happened.  Love, love, LOVE that!

I even get these looks from time to time.  He was hot and sweaty.  He told me to let him be because he was taking a rest to cool off.

Then off he goes.  Thankfully, these "moods" don't last long.

Please excuse the droplet of water from the water fountain on his shirt.  It's real life, so I left it.

Oh boy!  Someone spotted the stack.  Let the climbing begin!

This is Landon.  This is Landon's excited face when he tells stories.  Landon loves stories.  Be like Landon.

These kids were just too much.

This is Liam.  Liam doesn't like being told what to do.  Liam sometimes hates his parents.  Don't be like Liam.

Jumping.  Normally, this would give me a heart attack.  I guess I've just gotten used to having a couple of Evil Knievels in the house.

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