Aug 9, 2016

The Big Four Bridge

We learned a very good lesson that these kind of trips should be put on hold when it's scorching hot outside and everyone's hungry.  Walking up a long ramp to the bridge didn't help matters either.  We managed to get through, though.  The boys enjoyed walking next to the railing of the bridge.  Not sure why that was the "it" spot, but whatever it was, kept them pretty busy and out of trouble.  We always enjoy the scenery from that high up.  Lucky for us, there were a lot of boats and jet skis out that day, even the Belle of Louisville made her appearance.  It's great to just sit on a bench and relax and people watch while waiting to regain some energy for the walk ahead.

This wasn't quite finished when we walked the bridge the last time.

Landon:  "Oh look, cattails!"
Me:  "Huh?  No, Landon.  Cattails look like corn dogs on a very long stick. And, they typically grow in or around ponds."
Landon:  "Oh, my bad." (giggles)

Sad thing for me.  This is one of the places where I used to play softball.  The entire field is gone!  ::sniff::

I spy a skeleton in a window.  Kind of odd, actually.

Enjoying the breeze.

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