Aug 12, 2016

Suddenly Seven

It's here, it's here!  Someone's a big seven-year-old now!  I think this year is the first year he is actually excited about turning a year older.  Liam can't wait to be as big as his big brother one day.  I know this because he reminds us daily.  For some reason this birthday was so exciting for him.  He knew exactly what he wanted and told me without hesitation.  He came to me all grown up like and said, "Mom, I want a remote-control helicopter and some wooden blocks for building." Pretty cut and dry.  It's sad when they get bigger.  I blinked my eyes and poof!  No more baby.  No more toddler.  Only this courageous, fighter of a boy looking back at me every day.  Liam is shooting up in size.  He is weaning away from me more and more.  He is making new friends and enjoying school.  He looks up to his brother and follows him around everywhere.  He loves family.  He is still obsessed with water and playing outside.  He really enjoys car rides and taking trips.  Liam is also a big helper around the house.  Liam, for now, loves it when I take pictures of him playing or making goofy faces, etc.  He knows I enjoy it immensely.

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