Aug 23, 2016

St. James Court

While I thought visiting this place was going to bore the kids out of their little minds, I was so wrong!  Landon asked me if he could play Pokemon Go while we walked around and Liam wanted me to take pictures of him everywhere!  "Can you take a picture of me on the steps?", "Can we go over here and look at this gate?  I want a picture of it.", "This is beautiful, mom.  Let me sit here and you can take another picture, okay?", and so on.  It was crazy how excited and enthusiastic these two kids were.  We had the best time looking around St. James (and capturing Pokemon)!  Mom of the year right here.  Yay!

The St. James Art Festival they have every year on this street is pretty awesome!

The lonely red door.

These houses are very old, but the most beautiful houses I have seen!  Some are so big that they have been sold and made into apartments.

Such beauty!

This house is a light pink.  Maybe Mary Kay lives there?  Ha ha!  Can you spot Liam?

I can totally see myself living in one of these historic homes.  Sadly, these monsters are way, way, way out of our price range.

Some of these homes have private gated patios. ::swoon::

And secret hidden doors below the house.

I thought this railing was interesting.

This one was probably one of my favorites.

I adore the architecture of these beauties.

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