Aug 27, 2016

Rose Island

I had heard about this place for a very long time.  In 2011 they finally put up a bridge for visitors to get across to visit Rose Island.  We just never made it until now.  This was a great experience for everyone.  Not only was a piece of history, but it was neat to finally see it in person.  I am going to warn everyone I know who plans to visit, though.  The trail to Rose Island is not for the all.  Getting there isn't that bad.  Getting back?  Whoa!  The steep part of the trail is at a 45 degree angle or so and .6 miles long.  The trail may not sound like a long hike, but when you're at a steep incline, you will definitely feel it.  This was no fun whatsoever.  I was drenched in sweat by the time I got back to the car.  It didn't help matters that it was super hot and humid outside either.  Once I got to the top, I let out a huge sigh of relief and quickly got into the air.  Despite the heat and the monster of a trail, we had a blast!  This place is amazing!

They had these wind-up boxes that gave you the history of the place.  They are all throughout the trail.

The old fountain.

They have these posts throughout telling you where everything was.

These three stone pillars are still standing from the flood.  From where I was standing I couldn't get them all in.

This is the old swimming pool they had for guests at Rose Island.  They filled it with rock so nobody would fall in and get hurt.

This is the remains of one of the buildings.

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