Aug 20, 2016

Papa John's Headquarters

I have been here numerous times for photo shoots because the property is so pretty.  I had joked with my clients about bringing my family for a picnic since it was so beautiful and peaceful.  The sound of the waterfalls make me want nap next to the water.  My boys loved it!  They really enjoyed climbing and doing typical boy stuff around the grounds.  As soon as I told Landon to be careful stepping on the wet, mossy rocks, he slipped and dunked his foot.  I couldn't help but laugh at him.  So, if you notice that one shoe is darker than the other in pictures, that is why.  Landon also joked about the employees coming out for their work breaks and how funny it would be for them to munch on pizza.  I told him that I wasn't sure how that all worked, but it wouldn't shock me if their employees had access to Papa John's pizza for their lunches.  I mean, afterall, it is Papa John's Headquarters.

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