Aug 13, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday, Liam!

Before the boys left for school, Liam was drilling me about getting presents for his birthday.  "If I'm good at school, can I open presents when I get home?"  He could not wait to celebrate.  In fact, I don't remember Liam ever being this excited about birthdays.  He kissed me goodbye and excitedly told his bus driver that it was his birthday.  She laughed and said, "Oh boy!  Happy birthday!"  She then mouthed to me, 'he's so cute' and closed the doors.

When Liam walked in the door, his eyes lit up and his mouth dropped.  I told him that we needed to check his progress planner, do his homework, and go over some words before opening gifts.  He wasn't too terribly thrilled with that idea at first.  I don't think I would be either.  But he cooperated.

Landon helped open his birthday card and read it to him.  Liam sat quietly and listened.  When it came time to open his presents, Liam was throwing paper in a frenzy.  I think the anticipation had gotten the best of him.  Overall, I think our birthday boy was happy with everything.  He also received money.  After we opened gifts, we headed to the store for him to pick out what he wanted.  It's not too shocking that after going to two different stores, and out of all the toys he had to choose from, he of course chose Legos.  Isn't that how it goes?  He has tons of Legos, but seems to always want more.  This kid is serious about building!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

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