Aug 27, 2016

Greenway Park

This local park is a great little park for kids and families.  My boys like to climb on just about everything, including a rock wall they have.  The bridges and creek are always a nice touch, too.  Normally we wouldn't stop at a place as small as this this far out, but we were on our way to another park and thought it wouldn't hurt to let the kids unwind by playing basketball or just hanging on the playground.  Dad got to go this time too, so that was pretty nice!

There is something about this kid and falling into water.  And, it's always his left foot that falls victim to said water.

It was our anniversary.  Aaron and I spent some quality time together earlier in the day while the kids were in school.  Once the kids got home, we spent some time with them.  What better way to celebrate than to get our picture taken on our outing!

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