Aug 10, 2016

George Rogers Clark Cabin

Boy oh boy have we been busy exploring places lately!  Liam is my buddy when it comes to traveling and/or sight-seeing.  He loves it as much as I do.  Landon, however, gets bored very quickly unless there is something hands-on for him to do.  He didn't perk up until he was able to go down the boat ramp to the edge of the water and skip rocks.  Liam, of course, joined him.  He, instead, picked up rocks as big as his head which made it difficult for him to skim the surface of the water.  Bless his sweet little heart, he tried...and tried.  He's easy, though.  He didn't seem to mind that things weren't going according to plan.  He would just stop and watch his brother.  We have more places on the list to visit together, but for now I give you this...

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