Aug 15, 2016


Is there really any other way to celebrate a seven-year-old's birthday than to eat pizza, play games, ride bumper cars, and get prizes?!  Aaron had been talking about taking the kids to Gattiland for as long as I can remember.  We knew we wanted to do something indoors since the weather was supposed to be bad.  Come to find out, they have shut down most of the Gattilands in our area, but we somehow found one still open!

When we walked in, Liam was already wiggling from excitement.  The whole time we were eating, he was antsy and couldn't wait to hit the play room.  It was a very stimulating room, to say the least.  Loud noises, flashing lights, lots of people, oh my!  I thought for sure Liam might have a major meltdown by being overwhelmed.  He hung in there, though.

We gave each of the boys a pre-loaded card to use on their games and such.  We told them when the cards were empty, we were done.  That's it.  No re-loading.  Watching them go from one game to another was fun.  You could tell they were having the time of their lives.  Liam liked getting goodies after it was all said and done.  He racked up quite a few tickets for a seven-year-old!  We collected our prizes and headed home.  It was such a better experience than I thought it was going to be.  I'm so glad we went.

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