Aug 2, 2016

Falls of the Ohio: Fossil Beds

As if the kids didn't have enough exploring over the weekend, we made a trip down to the Fossil Beds.  It's a pretty neat location.  A lot of people visit, but I usually see more fisherman than anything.  Kids are typically doing the usual thing of climbing, hiking, throwing rocks, scoping out sticks, etc.  Well, my two were no different.  While we spent time walking around, Liam found a colorful rock and Landon found a stick.  Guess where those two things ended up after we left?  My car!  It was still pretty hot and it sprinkled a little bit at the time we went, but that didn't stop us at all.  I had such a great time watching my two boys check out a new place.

Liam singing to the fossil Gods.

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