Aug 27, 2016

Downtown Louisville

After we explored The Belvedere, the boys wanted to go downtown to see what kind of cool things they could find.  Of course, Landon was still trying to beat some kind of world record searching for Pokemon.  Not really, I just said that to be funny.  The crazy thing is, we actually saw a lot of interesting things sitting on the side of the streets.  I guess I don't get downtown too often, especially certain parts of the city.  It was great and the boys loved it!

Liam spotted this statue on the street and wondered why he was on a bench (normally they are standing).  He even asked me what he (the statue) was looking at and why he was smiling.  He's a very curious boy, for sure.  He gently caressed his arm and then gave him a hug.  He's been known to give a statue affection from time to time.

Landon thought this dude rocked.  "Love your work, man."

Not quite sure what this is all about, but not every day do you see penguins on a ledge of a building - real or otherwise.

Well, hello, Cap and Iron Man.  Fancy seeing you here!

So big, but yet so little.

Oh, don't mind us, we're just hugging a fake purple horse in the middle of downtown.

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