Aug 27, 2016

Culbertson Mansion

Yes, we have been busy.  If you follow our blog, I'm sure you can tell.  Every day after school we were making plans to see a new site and learn a little something outside the classrooms.  One thing I hate most is being stuck inside the house on pretty days, especially when everyone is feeling well and in good moods.  Why not take a drive, right?  I love hanging out with my boys while they're still young, no matter what we're doing!

One thing I found out about this place, after talking with a staff member, is that it takes four people to clean the entire house and it takes one month!  Whoa!  They make this into a haunted house at Halloween, too!

My goofy kids.

A train just happened to be going by while we were there.  You can bet it got Liam's attention.  He loves trains!

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