Aug 19, 2016

Cootie with My Cutie

New birthday toys are always fun and exciting, right?  Liam was itching to do something outside, but he couldn't make up his mind what he wanted to do.  Being the Supermom that I am (ha ha), I suggested we take a game outside and play in the driveway.  Hey, it beats being stuck inside for another day and playing on an old wooden table in drab lighting.  Why not make it interesting?!  The game was brand new so we had to separate all of the little pieces.  When I had this game as a kid, I loved it.  It's simple but so much fun.  Liam was kicking my butt at the beginning of the game, which he loved.  But toward the end I won.  Now, being the cool parent that I am, I let him keep rolling to complete his Cootie.  He seemed to like that idea and it made him happy.  We had a great time!

Of course, I made a goofy one, decked out in buck teeth, crazy antennas, and crazy eyes.  Not sure why Liam chose to make a girl.  Very cute, though.

Then it was time to release.  Nothing like a good run up and down the driveway or walk around the neighborhood to end a fabulous game of Cootie.

This is what I found on the walk.

So beautiful and vibrant!

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