Aug 2, 2016

Cincinnati Children's Museum

The trick for us is to find something entertaining for the boys to do (and something they can both do in their age groups).  We were going to go somewhere else for this trip, but decided against it since the weather was a little sketchy.  The museum is indoors so we knew that was the safer bet between the two.  I love taking the kids on little trips.  It keeps us busy and the boys love going to different places.  Landon and Liam had been to another children's museum in Indianapolis (which is much bigger) so they kinda' knew what to expect before arriving.  Oh, what fun they had!

After a few hours of visiting various exhibits we started to get hungry.  Thankfully we were able to leave the museum and come back.  We left, grabbed some lunch, and then took Landon to the hospital where he was born!  I almost cried.  He looked so big.  He thought it was neat going back 12 years later.  He proudly stood in front of the hospital for a quick picture and then we headed back to the museum to finish exploring.

We closed the place down.  We let the kids do their own thing.  Aaron and I were whooped from climbing, crawling, sliding, and walking around everywhere.  I may have taken a lot of pictures, but there was a lot of fun had by this mama.  I felt like a kid again.  Aaron even got in of the action as well.  Our knees were a little roughed up from crawling through tunnels and secret passage ways, but we made our kids happy and that is the most important thing.  I'm shocked that they didn't laugh at us.  I hadn't done stuff like that since I was kid.  Aaron too, I'm sure.  I'm so glad we went.

When we got to the car, Liam complained of having a bad headache.  It literally happened within a minute because he was fine before that moment.  He kept holding his head and whimpering.  We put a cool towel on his head and laid him in the back so he could rest for a bit before getting on the road back home.  He told us that he was going to get sick.  We pulled him out of the car quickly, but nothing happened.  After several minutes had passed, we found a "puke bag" for the ride home.  We strapped him in and had Landon ride in the front so Aaron could keep a close eye on him.  He threw up a few times and then back to his usual self when we pulled into our garage.  He told us that his headache was gone.   I looked at Aaron and said, "I'm just thankful this didn't happen at the beginning of the trip.  That would have ruined everything for him."  The boys took a shower and went to bed.  Liam woke up for school the next day ready to go, like nothing ever happened.  Phew!

Landon pretending to be pesky plaque.


This was actually pretty funny.  Landon handed his dad a pretend play vest.  Aaron put it on and said, "Landon, what am I two??"  He wiggled and wiggled and tried to make it fit, but no such luck.  We all had a good laugh about it.

Making flooring, a table, and a centerpiece out of wooden blocks.

This pose killed me.

And this one, too.

Officer Zimmerman is watching over the nursery.

Dr. Liam taking care of the animals.

Dance Party!

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