Aug 31, 2016

Henryville Forestry

Gosh, I haven't been to this place since my niece got married.  It's very scenic and gorgeous!  The forestry roads go on for days and pretty fun to drive.  Liam really liked that part.  He would hold up his hands as if we were riding a roller coaster as we drove down the steep, windy hills.  The fire tower is always a fun thing to visit while you're there.  It's been around for ages, and I noticed that they did some work on it.  I remember the fire tower being rusty and rickety in my early twenties.  I'm so glad they kept it and made it safer for visitors.  Being afraid of heights, taking a trip to this thing probably wasn't the best plan for me.  I knew the kids would really enjoy climbing to the top, so I figured it wouldn't be a total waste.  I was proud of myself for making as far as two flights down from the top deck.  The tower is pretty high up and scary as hell.

When we arrived, there were a few teenagers who hopped out of a truck and raced to the tower.  They immediately started cussing, spitting, climbing the side of the tower instead of the steps provided, and talking about "the panty tree" in front of my 12-year-old.  I wasn't pleased with their behavior at all.  My kids were hearing the things they were saying and watching them act like fools.  Why do teens have to act that way?  Didn't they know that we were there visiting, too?  Couldn't they see that I had young, impressionable kids standing next to me?  Even though we were there first, they jumped ahead of us and took off up the tower.  I decided to climb with the boys anyway, but I suddenly felt the tower shaking.  The teens thought it would be funny to shake the tower from the top deck while we were on it.  For someone who is scared of heights and had young children in tow, I wasn't happy at all.  I nervously told the kids to get down.  Then one of the kids giggled and yelled out, "Get your phone ready to call 911 in case he falls."  I was doing no such thing.  I was furious at this point, so I was half tempted to just leave if something did happen.  Not my problem, I thought.  I made a few choice comments to the teens as they were leaving.  They were punks, period.  Their mothers would have been proud, let me tell ya.  They probably didn't know where they were, to be honest!  Once they left, I talked with Landon about their behavior and how not to act.  I told him how many bad choices they made in such a short amount of time, and lucky for me, he agreed.  "Mom, I won't act like that, don't worry."  Only time will tell, but at least it made me feel a ton better at that moment.  Why do people have to ruin it for others?  So frustrating!  I think in one of the pictures you can see a couple of the boys climbing the side of the tower.  They were so immature and obnoxious.

The Oklahoma Hill School

This little school house in Silver Creek Community Park is very charming.  It's small and it sits back on a hill all by itself.  I've had a multitude of shoots here because little kids really like it.  Having said that, I thought I would see what my kids thought.  Liam did most of the exploring around the house while Landon played Pokemon...again.  Before heading back to the cute little red school house we stopped at the play park sitting next to the parking lot.  Liam loves to climb and swing, but he just stuck to climbing this time and then we ventured on.

Those baby greens.  ::swoon::

Liam stuck his foot in the opening and this is the look I got:

Deam Lake

I love this place.  It's the closest thing to a tropical beach we're going to get where we are, and we don't have to travel a great distance to visit.  The kids really love it, too!  They enjoy swimming and playing in the sand as much as I do.  Now that Liam is getting bigger and better at swimming, he has become more daring and leaving his floaties behind any chance he gets.  We went to the Aquatic Center one weekend recently and he went off the high dive without his floaties.  He popped up and swam to the side of the pool like a big kid.  He is doing an awesome job.  I even caught him swimming freestyle in the lake.  It was really nice to see how quickly he is picking everything up.

We made sure we packed food to grill.  It was such a beautiful day, I'm not shocked that everyone else had the same idea.  The smell of all of the food cooking was Heaven.  Some people were grilling hot dogs and brats (like us), while others were grilling steaks, ribs, and burgers.  So yummy.  The sun was in and out a lot, which made for some challenging shots (especially when you forget to change your camera settings), but overall, it was a perfect day!

Sandy feet are the best.

A girl and her dog.

Boys being boys.