Jul 3, 2016

The Little Minion and His Minion Ball

It's the little things that make our baby boy happy.  We were at the store and this is all he wanted.  I love how simple he is.  We just hope this simple-minded guy sticks around for awhile, like throughout his teenage years.  Dare to dream, I guess.  He got home and instantly wanted to play with it outside.  At first he began to play inside.  Umm, no.  He dressed himself in his art shirt from school and picked out some shorts and off we went.  It looked kinda' gloomy outside, so I wasn't expecting a long playtime for Liam.  He is obsessed with thunderstorms, but not in a good way.  If he feels there is a storm coming, he will continue to talk about it and watch the clouds constantly.  He may even demand that we go inside.  He's not a big fan of gloom and rolling clouds.  This is what I was able to capture before heading back into the house.

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