Jul 8, 2016

The La La Land Park Adventures

It seems that going to the park with the boys, mainly Liam, is something that we've been doing a lot of lately.  I think Liam just likes to get out of the house and spread his wings from time to time.  Ya know, something to do, something different.  This week, we went to three parks - Perrin, Lapping, and Wilson Elementary school's playground (one day we did two parks).  Every single time we went to a park, there was gloom and rain on its way.  But, we managed to get in some time before that was even an issue.  What is with us and bad weather?!  Liam made new friends and played with his brother.  He looked at me after we were home and said he had an excellent day and told me how much fun he had.  He's also going through a phase of, "I really like having mommy and Liam time."  When I invite Landon along he seems to get upset.  I don't think he wants to share my attention with his brother, but little does he know, Landon does his own thing and doesn't require my attention.  He's a big boy and independent.  One day Liam will understand that it's part of growing up and he'll be following in his brother's footsteps.  It's just how it goes.  I spend time with both of them doing different things and then sometimes we'll all hop in the car and do stuff together.  It's a balancing act.  I love those boys so much!

First up, Perrin:

There was a blonde, a brunette, and a red head at a park...

Second up, Lapping:

It is so difficult to get Liam to wear his glasses all the time.  The good news is, he's getting better at keeping them on.  He at least kept them on for the duration of our stay until we moved on to another park and he left his glasses in the car for our third park adventure.  He told me that his glasses were making his face sweaty.  So, I let him go without until we got home.

The kids were cracking up because Landon was using his soccer ball and Liam's Minion ball as a "baby" in the swings.  Only they were trying to kick the "baby" out of the swing as the "baby" swung violently through the air.  I joked and said, "This is why 12-year-olds don't have kids."  Landon lost his breath from laughing so hard.  He responded, "It's just a fun game, mom, it's not real.", as he continued to laugh hysterically.  Hey, as long as they were having fun, I really didn't care.  No ball, er, I mean, baaaaby, was harmed during these ridiculous stunts.

People have been approaching me a lot lately thinking that Landon is 16 and I have to tell them he's only 12.  They are shocked by how old he looks.  Let's just say, he acts 12.  Ha ha!

Landon climbed up on top and guess what Liam wanted to do next?  Monkey see, monkey do.  Some things never change, but I had to explain to Liam that bubby is bigger and can do those things.  He will too when he grows to be as big as him.  He said, "Okay" and moved along.  He settled for a standing photo instead.

And a pull-up photo.

Again, a monkey see, monkey do moment.  Still a little too small.

Liam looks so grown up here.

Third up, Wilson's playground:

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