Jul 14, 2016

Love Sees No Color

I took Liam to Bob Hedge for a little break.  Landon tagged along with us, but didn't do much.  While we were there, Liam found two girls he attached himself to.  They were the sweetest little girls - so soft spoken and kind.  One was a third grader, the other only 19 months.

I've always taught my kids to accept everyone for who they are.  In the world we live in today, it's very important.  I don't want them being a part of the problem, but to love and accept everyone and become the solution.  My kids don't see resumes, finances, expensive clothing, or color, they see people.  As long as people are genuinely good to them and others, they don't care.  And trust me, a child can smell a rat a mile away.  Liam graciously played with these little girls until they had to leave.  The dad was super nice and so easy to talk to.  The little one came up and gave Liam a hug without hesitation.  Racism is taught in homes.  It's not something they are born with in their blood.  I loved seeing these kids interact with one another.  Children are so innocent to the harsh ways of the world.  All they want to do is laugh, play, and make new friends.  We can learn a lot from them.

Landon just perched high on his throne and watched the other kids play.

Landon thought relaxing in the swing was a better idea.

I accidentally caught the swing instead, but I love it anyway.

This is Liam's pouty face.  He wasn't ready to leave just yet.

Love my babies!

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