Jul 3, 2016

Fourth of July

It's great that buying fireworks is always optional for us.  Everyone around us goes all out so it's just a decision for us to add to the firework fun or not.  This year, we decided to just buy Morning Glory sparklers for the boys.  While we were shopping the owner gave Liam a little tank to light later that night.  He was so excited to have something of his very own for the fourth.  The sparklers lit up in all different colors, which you can tell by the photos.  Liam was fully equipped with his auditory head gear again.  He wouldn't go outside without them on.  It sounded like WWII around our house.  Peyton and Liam have a lot in common when it comes to loud noises.  As always, we had an amazing time celebrating the holiday!

I love how Liam had his little pincer ready.  Cute.

I got in on the action, too!  See?  There's proof!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!

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